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Before and after of a woman's hair treatment

Multiple Hair Loss Solutions for Women, Scalp Restoration and Treatments

Feel more beautiful with personalized women's hair care and hair replacement services from our dedicated professionals in Fairfield, Ohio for 30 + years. From the professional to the glamorous, Gilda's Hair Studio carries hair replacement solutions for women. We welcome women with thin see-through hair that want to have a young, carefree hairstyle. Gilda specializes in resolving any kind of Alopecia problems,  See-Thru Hair, Baldness, Burns, Scars, Chemo Therapy conditions and more.

By integrating our pieces into your existing hair, we make them undetectable, natural-looking, and secure. Do you want a color treatment, highlight, or perm? We do it all to make your hair look its best, so contact us today! You made a good choice, you won't be wrong.  Scalp treatments are available to protect and help the growth of your hair.  After all, we are a FULL SERVICE salon.
Before and after of a woman's hair treatment

Women's Wigs

We just don't sell wig's out of the box, anybody could do that. We customize to the face and make it fit so it won't look like you are wearing a wig. They are fitted to match your own hair color and texture as well as the shape of your head. Having hair helps maintain and restore a woman's self confidence when undergoing chemotherapy, suffering from alopecia, fighting severe psoriasis, or dealing with other types of hair loss or scalp disease.

Below, you'll find several kinds of solutions for your hair loss.

These handmade, customized wigs match your hair type and color. Before beginning, we take pictures to be able to accurately match and study the style to make it as natural as your own. A natural hair system or wig can restore confidence in yourself. It could be Human Hair or Special Fiber that acts and feels like Human Hair. You will have a choice.

Chemotherapy Insurance Provider

Skin Replica

The hair looks like it's growing from your own scalp. It consists of quality hair on a breathable mesh scalp material integrated with your own hair.


For those who want to make their hair thicker or longer, extensions are the best choice. We attach ours by weaving, braiding, or bonding the extension on existing hair. Our extensions are made only with quality human hair that is matched to your color. They can be highlighted and styled with curling iron and you can choose any length. For continuing service, you will need to make your next appointment after your extensions are on.

Hair for hair extensions available for sale until 12/31/16.

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